1 – The Results
They speak for themselves. Fat loss, more strength and better endurance are just the tip of the iceberg. Your goals are important to us we'll help you achieve them. The focus, philosophy and adherence to form will make sure that you're safe, able to achieve your goals and constantly set and conquer new ones.

2 – It’s fun!
This isn't your old boring routine at the gym. The workouts change daily, and you’ll learn new exercises which make your workouts more fun! The feelings of accomplishment is amazing, and you'll have that feeling here.

3 – You are part of a community
When you enter CrossFit City Line, you become part of our community. You may not be able to see it, but you’ll feel it. It is the collective spirit and support system of members, the network of friendships, the relationships between each other that make you feel like you’re part of a family, whether it’s your first time coming in or you've been here for years. 

4 – Coaching
When you’re in the gym, you’ll be taught and guided by world class coaches. We are professional, certified and knowledgeable; committed to safely training you. Even when you’re not in the gym, our coaches are there for you to answer any emails or phone calls you send their way.

5 – It Creates good Habits
When you surround yourself with people who eat healthy, take care of their bodies, enjoy life and smile a lot, you'll find yourself doing those things too. It's can be a lot harder to do by yourself, but with others around, those habits happen naturally.

6 – Everyone can do CrossFit
CrossFit is for you. It’s for me. It’s for my mom and dad. It’s for everyone. Even kids! We make sure everyone has the workout that is right for them.

7 – You can get better at your sport
Do you like to hop into an occasional 5k? Or are you a more serious tri-athlete, lifter, endurance racer, or athlete in another sport? By doing CrossFit you can get better at your sport! It's our goal to help you become a better overall athlete and increase your base fitness which will carry directly over into your sport. You'll be faster, stronger, more flexible and be able to go for longer, all while minimizing any overtraining type of injures.

8 – It’s Satisfying!
Ask yourself if you’ve done anything challenging today. Every day you come to CrossFit City Line you will have a sense of accomplishment and feel empowered and revitalized after completing your workout! There are no shortcuts, and if there were, you wouldn’t feel so great about the results.

9 – The Facility
We take pride in our facility. The gym is clean and neat and we update equipment frequently! With multiple showers in the mens and womens locker rooms it's easy to get your workout and get back to your day!

10 – It’s Quick
Your warm up, stretching, workout and cool down take less then 1 hour! Circuits and other kind of training can leave you at the gym for hours on end. Get in, get it done, and you’re on your way.