If group format doesn't work for you, or you'd like a more personalized approach, Private or Semiprivate sessions allow you to have the convenience of working out at times that fit your schedule. Go through the program in 3 sessions. After completing the Private or Semiprivate Program, your coach will advise you on how to move forward with group classes.

1 ON 1  
Cost: $75 per session

2 ON 1
Cost: $70 per session per person
* You must already have one other interested participant to start this cycle

3 ON 1
Cost: $65 per session per person
* You must already have two other interested participants to start this cycle

Beginner's Program Cancellation Policy
Group Program: 8 sessions must be completed before joining regularly scheduled group classes. Each month that it takes to complete 8 sessions will require a new Beginners Program membership (179). 

Beginner Program Group Memberships are non refundable.  

If a Beginner's Program class is cancelled for holidays or weather-related issues, that class will roll into the next month.

24 hour cancelation is required for Private/SemiPrivate sessions. If cancelation is received with less then 24 hours, the session will be charged and another session will need to be purchased.