We love going out to eat. 

It's fun, social, the food (hopefully) is delicious and most of all, someone else cooks for us! 

But if you're trying to lose weight or stick to a nutrition plan you may be shocked to find out what the nutrition facts are about some of the "healthy" options on the menu's at your favorite restaurants. 

Did you know that your favorite caesar salad may have more fat in it then a burger? 

Or that with a simple side dish swap, you could save yourself from eating hundreds of unknown and unneeded calories?

You could study the nutrition facts for everything that could be on the menus of your favorite menu then be prepared for anything! Or skip out on going out to eat because you "can only" eat certain foods. 

Instead, let us tell you what the best choices on the menu are at some of the best restaurants in Newton, Watertown/Cambridge and Waltham. 

We've analyzed 16 menus and have the list of their best options. 

If we went out to eat with you, here's what we'd tell you to get. Save time, worry less and rest easy knowing that these are healthy choices. And don't worry, we tested our choices to make sure they tasted good!