Member Spotlight - Michela S.

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What was your fitness background before you started at CFCL and how did you get started with us here?
Growing up I played sports year round. After finishing my last season at Merrimack I knew I needed some way to get my energy (and competitiveness) out. My roommate and I started crossfit 3 times a week up at school, and then once I moved back to area I found Cityline. So happy I did!

What has been your biggest accomplishment since starting and what are you working on now
Honestly, getting my nutrition under control has been the biggest part of my journey at Cityline. I’ve learned so much in the last year and continue to learn every day. My goal for next year is to get a strict pull-up.

What's your favorite movement?
Probably overhead squats. I couldn’t do them for so long and they’re always such a challenge for me, I love it. 

AMRAP's or For Time? Why?
For time. I’ll push myself the slightest bit harder when it’s for time. 

Your 3 favorite Instagram accounts you follow?
Tough one... Probably wags n weights (bc dogs), Mattie Rogers, and Tom Brady

Favorite vacation spot or place you'd want to travel to most?
Always Italy, because I have family there, but I recently traveled to Nashville and fell in love! I can’t wait to go back. 

Spirit animal and why? 
Dogs, because they’re just happy to be here. :)