Monday 042417

Coach Steve

Coach Steve

Many of you have seen Coach Steve's Facebook post announcing that in August he'll be moving to Austin Texas. As sad as we are to know we will be losing an amazing coach and important part of the CFCL community, we have nothing but love and support for him in this next stage of his life. In the meantime nothing at CFCL will be different and no changes are happening, except for summer. That's coming and your abs better be ready. Come get your sweat on!

Snatching "Gwen"
Power Snatch
Unbroken Reps
Weight is the same for set of 15, 12 and 9.
Rest as long as needed in between sets.

After Party
Unbroken Double Unders
Mountain Climbers

Coaches Note: Today we're working on developing your strength-endurance. Strength-endurance is being able to move heavier (not max) loads for lots of reps in a row. It's not about how strong you are in 1 rep, it's your ability to STAY strong. Developing your abilities here is an extremely worth while effort. Being strong in on instantaneous moment is important, but being strong over time - strength-endurance - can help you take you performance to a new level.
This is also a spin on a classic CrossFit benchmark workout called Gwen - 15-12-9 reps of unbroken Clean and Jerks. Today we tackle it with snatches.