Thursday, January 4 2018

Practice makes permanent.

Practice makes permanent.


Open from 5 AM-11 AM
Classes at 5:25, 6:30 and 9 AM
Come workout at anytime but please be safe driving!

Warm Up
Pick 1 movement you want to practice
Coaches will help you decide reps
This is a graet opportunity to put some attention on areas you want to get better at but may not practice often.

Box Jump (24"/20")
Sit Ups or GHD Sit Ups
Kettlebell Swings (53/35 lbs)

Upcoming Events

Starting January 8, 2017 - Barbell Betty's is back!
For 5 weeks, starting January 8th, Coach Cassi will lead a lucky group of women on a journey through the world of weightlifting.  They'll squat.  They'll lunge.  They'll press.  They'll sweat.  They'll use chalk.  They'll get STRONGer.

Sunday, January 14th - Handstand Push-up and Handstand Walking Clinic
Join Coach Cassi and Coach Rachel for a clinic that will improve your handstand work! Just enough time to practice before the CrossFit Open!