Nicole B. February Member of The Month

_DSC3554 copy.jpg

What was your fitness background before you started at CFCL and how did you get started with us here?

Before crossfit I was into soccer and track and field. I loved lifting but mostly just used it to improve performance in the other sports I did. I started at a different gym where I met my good friend Meredith Deangelis. She started coming to CFCL and invited me to a class, been hooked ever since! There’s something special about the people and atmosphere at CFCL that I haven’t found anywhere else.

What had been your biggest accomplishment since starting and what are you working on now
Getting my first rope climb! I can now do them legless, which seemed like an impossible feat at the start. I’m currently working on ring muscle ups. 

Favorite movement?
Back squat! Simple yet so satisfying. 

Your current favorite workout song?
This week I’ve been jammin out to La Player- Zion y Lennox. Reggaeton is my go to. 

If you were stuck on an island, but had an unlimited supply of 3 foods, which would they be? 
Survival of the fittest! Sweet potato, chicken, broccoli, boom💪🏽

Top 5 favorite emojis?
Most used* I have 6🤷🏻‍♀️

Spirit animal and why?
Jaguar. I love big cats and this one’s look is my favorite. They are fast, fierce, and powerful. They Dominate in their habit and are creatures of the night. All things me. Bonus, they live in the tropics and I’m all about that life.