Greg D. March Member of the Month


Greg has been coming to CFCL since January and has been such a great athlete to coach and even better person. He's friendly, supportive of others, always wants to learn more and works hard. He's our March member of the month! Congrats Greg!

What was your fitness background before you started at CFCL and how did you get started with us here? I played hockey, soccer & competed in adventure races. Attending CrossFit has been a goal since watching CrossFit games on TV.  I'd been having intense exercise sessions with a personal trainer for a few years and wanted to increase both my fitness and socialization. I asked another member where he trains and he highly recommended CrossFit City Line, Watertown.

What had been your biggest accomplishment since starting and what are you working on now
My biggest accomplishment has been competing in the Crossfit open.  The workouts are very fun and challenging. I was proud to be surrounded by an amazing group of competitors.  The experience was tons of fun and I was proud of myself for being involved.   

Another benefit of CrossFit is the emphasis on stretching.  My body has felt much better as a result of the emphasis on stretching in the CrossFit warm up.

Summer is around the corner and I'm looking forward to bringing my nutrition to the next level and working with a nutrition coach at Cross Fit City Line. 

You did the Intramural Opens. What made you want to sign up? How was the whole experience? 
Coach Rachel gave me the endorsement.  Her positive attitude rubbed off on me and the rest is history.  The games were a truly awesome experience.  The athletes at the CrossFit City Line are amazing as are the coaches and the sport of CrossFit.  The athletes all have a common goal of wanting to better themselves.  It was fun to be around a group of winners.

Finish this sentence: When I’m not doing CrossFit my other favorite things are: 
Selling real estate & managing income properties.  In 1999, I founded First Choice Realty, Inc. & BBA Management, Inc. 

You have great energy, what kind of coffee do you drink and how do you take it?
Since beginning CrossFit, there have been enough endorphins to almost eliminate caffeine!  

For someone who’s thinking about doing CrossFit but isn’t sure if they can handle it, what would you tell them?
Go for it! The hardest part is making the commitment to begin.  The classes are tons of fun.  The coaches are fantastic and will guide you to success.

Every athlete I've met since the day I  began has a positive attitude. One day they chose to try something new to better themselves and just went for it.  It took me a year to make the commitment to start.  If I can do it you can do it too.    

If you want to meet a wonderful group of athletes, surround yourself with winners, achievers and all round nice people and have the best motivating coaches and improve your attitude, fitness and health, I highly recommend all the classes, coaches, athletes and the entire environment at CrossFit City Line.