Tuesday, April 10 2018



Hang Squat Clean
5 x 3
Up to a heavy 3 reps

Coaches Note: The clean is not about pulling the bar up to your shoulders and feeling continuous "force" on the bar like you would in a deadlift where there's always the feeling of lifting and exertion. In the clean, JUMP and extend the hip fast and aggressively to make the bar move upward without pulling with the arms. Once you've jumped, immediately being to pull, not the bar up, but using the bar as leverage, your body DOWN under the bar into a sound front squat. Think of it as "JumpPullDownSquat" not "Jump...Pull...Squat"...or even more, "Jump...Pull Up...Squat"

"Punch Line"
Row 15/12 Calories
10 Front Squats (155/105 lbs)

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