Monday, May 21 2018



The Cave

You've gone to the edge of it. Maybe even taken a step or two inside; but it was dark, scary, uncomfortable. 
You turned and ran. Back to the clear, comfortable outside.  You wonder what's in there. What is in the darkness. 
It's you. It's your goals, your accomplishments, your PRs. It's your best self. It's all the way in the back. Through the uncomfortable darkness, you'll find yourself. 

After taking a step in, you begin to panic. You want to turn and run. But today is different. You stay in the darkness, it doesn't seem so bad. It's not that uncomfortable. You start to see the walls, the floor, and the surroundings begin to lighten. There's still more darkness in front of you, but the first step into The Cave has been accomplished. 
Tomorrow the cave is dark again, even the first step is still tough to take, but you take it anyway. And then you take another. And like yesterday, the second deeper step into the cave makes you want to turn and run. But you don't. You stay. Your much more comfortable in this place and it's starting not to be so dark. Each day you take a little deeper step into the cave. 

This is you in the middle of your workouts. The uncomfortable feeling, the turning and running; it's you putting the bar down, slowing up at the end of a 400m run, not pushing yourself. If you do, you'll be somewhere your not comfortable. And to stay there you'll have to fight off the urge to run, and it will be a challenge.
But it gets easier. Taking the first, and second steps become easier. You’ll reach that feeling of discomfort now at step 20. You can go deeper into the cave without turning around. This is where you find your best self. It's where you've been waiting all along. 

Take a step into the cave. Stay for a while. You'll be rewarded for your courage. 

"Speed Date"
For Time
50 Burpee Pull-Ups
50 Calorie Row

Muscle Up Training
For those who have them:
5x1-5 reps holding Med Ball between feet

For those who don't have them yet:
5 x 8 False Grip Ring Row
5 Tempo Swings (Rings or Bar) with ball between feet

Strongman Class Series!

Coach Fafa’s leading a Strongman Class Series! 4 weeks on Saturdays, starting May 26th. 
What is Strongman? It's the sport of moving weight, in all different forms of equipment, for distance, speed, and load and it’s a ton of fun!