Tuesday, May 8 2018



Minute 0-15
Bench Press
5 x 5

Minute 20-30
21-15-9 Reps for Time
Overhead Squats (95/65 lbs)

Minute 35-40
Accumulate 100 Seated Band Rows

Upcoming Events!

Saturday, May 12 @ 12 PM - Strongman Clinic #2 with Coach Fafa! 
Coach Fafa’s leading another free Strongman clinic and it’s going to be awesome! 
What is Strongman? It's the sport of moving weight, in all different forms of equipment, for distance, speed, and load and it’s a ton of fun! 
Sign up on the front desk!

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"The Daily Challenge" format is changing. Instead of having different "focuses", the additional programming provided will be called the Daily Accessory. 
Like a great looking outfit, having a matching belt, or necklace and earnings, bowtie or pair of sun glasses, the accessory adds to the overall success of the outfit. The bowtie that compliments the suit is to the accessory that compliments the main workout of the day. Without the main dress, or suit fabric, for those accessories to compliment, the accessories alone wouldn't be all that great.

The daily class workout is where your main energy should be spent. Do those workouts with a class. Get coached. Push yourself in the environment that helps you go outside your comfort zone. The accessory programming is targeted extra training and more practice on lifts and skill work. If you want to spend more time practicing skill movements or olympic lifts, enjoy the guidance the Daily Accessory Work will provide in giving you a track to follow.