Wednesday, August 1 2018

Honoring Boston Firefighter Justin Poitras. 

Honoring Boston Firefighter Justin Poitras. 

In 31 Minutes
42/34 Calories on the Assault Bike or 35/30 cal Concept 2 Bike
7 Strict Pull-ups
4 Deadlifts 335, 225
18 Push-ups
400m Run

Every other 400m Run complete with a 48/36lb sandbag. If you do not have a sandbag work in an odd object such as a kettlebell or medicine ball.

Today we will be coming together as a community to honor Justin Poitras. Justin was a former marine and a Boston Firefighter. He died July, 4th 2018 from a head injury he sustained in a collision when riding his motorcycle. Justin has saved 6 lives with his healthy, thriving organs that were donated shortly after his passing.

31- Years of Age
42- Engine Number
7-4-18- Date of passing

Bike Sub/Modification
Ladies= x0.8 Calories (34 Cals)
Ski erg= x1.25 Calories
Rower= x1.5 Calories

Coach Joe knew and worked with Justin. Here's a note from Joe:

City Line family, 
Thank you for coming in and doing this workout today in honor of Justin Poitras. Justin was an integral part of the CrossFit Southie community and this workout was created in his honor. Originally from Lowell, MA and then Nashua, NH, Justin served as a Marine before earning a job on the Boston Fire Department where he was assigned to Engine Co. 42 in Boston's Egleston Square. 

On July 3rd, while on his way to the gym, another vehicle collided with Justin's motorcycle and left him with massive head trauma that he unfortunately succumbed to the following day on July 4th. However, before he died, the organs that Justin donated helped to save 6 people's lives that were in dire need; even in passing, he still served others.

I was fortunate enough to work with Justin on the fire department as he was on my same work-group and our companies trained together and went to many fires and other calls together. My wife, Kelly, is still a member at CrossFit Southie and on weekends when I would drop in with her, Justin was usually there. He was always eager to talk CrossFit whether inside the gym or at the firehouse. Always wearing a smile, he would talk to and help anyone that he could. I feel very fortunate that I was able to know such a giving person, even if for just a short time. 

He leaves behind loving parents, two brothers, a sister, two nephews, a niece and too many friends to count. So when you when you go out and hit this workout tomorrow, leave it all out there. 
Any donation to support his family during this time is appreciated. Click here for the donation link.

Your friend,
Joe Masley