Thank you Coach Erin!

cfcl_coaches3-76 - Copy.jpg

Erin was one of the first coaches here at CFCL and over the last 6 years has been a big part of the CFCL coaching team. We've loved having her spend her weekends and summers leading the community and coaching you all.

In her full time job she is an assistant principal and special education coordinator and as those roles expand and become more demanding she'll be turning her attention to them and will no longer be coaching classes. She’ll still be in classes as an athlete and working out with you all but just not in the coaches role.

We're so thankful for the time she has been part of the coaching team and for all the time, energy, attention and care that she has given to the you, the CFCL community and to us as a coaching team. 

Thank you coach Erin for everything!