New Membership - All Access Plus

Last month we we sent out a survey and got a ton of great responses from you all. Some of the things that stuck out was that you wanted to be able to spend time talking about your goals, set plans for how to achieve them, have personalized guidance on how to scale movements, work on nutrition and do InBody scans more frequently and have access to more mobility or yoga. 

So our first move is to add yoga! Sundays at 10 AM! If you have an all access membership it’s free to come and will be part of your membership, if you have a 12x/month classes are $10 to drop in that you can put on your account using store function on the iPad at the front desk. This will start September!

We also have those other things available but understand that at $60 for a nutrition consult, $25 for an InBody, and $50 for a half hour personal training session on your goals, and what may be $40 for a yoga class if you come each week, it adds up, $175 in addition to a membership. 

So we came up with a solution. A new membership that allows you to have unlimited classes and a monthly consultation that you can work on your nutrition, goal setting, planning and personalized modifications as well as access to weekly yoga, for $39. 

It’s called the All Access Plus membership. 
Each month you’ll meet with a coach for 30 min and can talk:

  • Nutrition - do an InBody scan, diet recommendations, macros reset (if you’ve done macros with us before. If you haven't do the full 1 month program first.)
  • Goal setting - establish what you want to accomplish and by when
  • Goal Planning - what to do, when, how much and an extra piece of programming for you to do
  • Personalized modifications -  “this should be a heavy 3” ... “this should feel light and fast” ... what is that for you? How should you scale toes to bar, handstand push ups and kipping pull ups.

There are 15-20 spots open for this and we will test pilot this starting in September, for 3 months. We want to make sure we are getting the value from this. 

We know that with results take time. And that in order to build abilities and skills and see nutrition  progress,  consistency is key, so there is a 3 month commitment. 

If you want in, email If you have questions email them. 

Please note, regular membership discounts do not apply to this membership. 

We are pumped for this and are excited to help you get better info, direction and a plan for your progress!