Sunday, August 26 2018

Anushka and Coach Jon.

Anushka and Coach Jon.

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Saturday, September 8 - 7th Anniversary CFCL Internal Throwdown! 8:30 AM - 11:30/12 PM and a party after! 
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Everyone should do this event! It's a ton of fun and everyone, even if if you just started doing CrossFit, can do it. 

1) 3 Overhead Squats
2) 3-15 Toes to bar
3) 21/18 Calorie Row

Coaches Note: A common question is "should I go heavy or stay light and work on technique?"
Staying light certainly does allow you to work on technique and there is a time and place for that.
But going heavy doesn't mean that you're not working on technique. It's the contrary. When you go heavier, you MUST have good technique to perform the movement.
When the best olympic lifters in the world are attempting a new PR, to hit it, their technique must be SPOT ON! Or they will miss the lift.

When learning a movement, the process is to do the right technique over and over again, ingrain it.
But then when you're out of the first time learning phase, the learning and technique work doesn't go away.
Technique should be happening all the time.

As Coach Glassman says, do you want me to meet you at the right place for lunch or be on time?
Do you want me to do it right or do it fast/heavy?
The answer to both is "Yes."