Friday, August 31 2018

Smile! It's Friday!

Smile! It's Friday!

Labor Day Schedule
8:30 AM, 9:30 AM Classes, 10:30 AM - Noon Open Gym!

In 7 Minutes
50 Dumbbell Goblet Squats (50/35 lbs)
50 Dumbbell Snatches (50/35 lbs)
50 Push Ups

In 5 Minutes
30 Dumbbell Goblet Squats
30 Dumbbell Snatches
30 Push Ups

In 2 Minutes
10 Dumbbell Goblet Squats
10 Dumbbell Snatches
10 Push Ups

If you finish before the alloted time, immediately start the next portion.

Coaches Note: This day is all about volume. Volume, high reps, lots of work on each movement. The squats and snatch are movements that you can do really large, if not unbroken, sets; push for the extra rep there. The push ups, be smart. Don't go to full out max effort on one set and then sit around for 3 minutes waiting to regain enough energy to do the next push up. Go hard, break smart.