Saturday, September 29 2018



"Baller Status"
3 Rounds
500 M Row
25 Wall Balls (30/20)
15 Burpees
10 Bar Muscle Ups

Coaches Note: We've done this one before, but it was a long time go. Maybe you have it in your log book. Check it out! It's from 0831016
If you don't have a log book, you should really get one and keep track of your workouts.
Pick up a custom CFCL log book at the front! You can put it on your membership account using the iPad on the front desk.

Olympic Lifting Program with Coach Eddie!
Guys, I have great news. Starting at the end of October, I’ll be leading 12 awesome athletes through a weightlifting program for 5 weeks. We’re going to focus on technique, which includes learning new drills, and working on mobility. We’re also going to be lifting (duh!), and get much more confident with our Clean and Jerk and Snatch lifts, and hopefully crush some PR’s. Who’s ready?

More details and registration coming next week!