A custom program is something to consider as a supplement to your current plan or as your primary training program if:

  • You want to target a specific area of your training or body
  • You've stalled and are not making the progress you want
  • You want to have a lot of fun with your workouts
  • You have an injury and want to keep working out but not sure what's best to do
  • Want to make massive changes in areas of your health and fitness

If you're in one or more of the categories above, click below and fill out the form. We'll get back in touch with you and set up a free consultation. No sales, no pressure, no gimmicks. We want to make sure that we're a good fit for you and if you're a good fit for us.

Train at our location or on your own; we can work online with you or face to face.

Here's how it works:

  • Our expert coaches create a customized program around your specific needs, goals and fitness assessment.
  • An initial consultation (in person preferred, on the phone if necessary) to learn more about your lifestyle and goals.
  • Physical Assessment and Movement Analysis.
  • A detailed weekly workout program specialized for the individual. Each program is personalized and based on their performance within the assessment and analysis. Test and re-tests are completed to show progressions and also identify/evaluate where additional work/support should be provided.
  • The program is tailored to the season/sport/area of fitness and life you are in. Each individual will receive a shared online Google document between coach and individual.
  • Our philosophy is about increasing work capacity across broad times and modal domains through appropriately planned workouts and recovery. 
  • Nutrition prescription and recommendations from a Registered Dietician if desired
  • How to create the right mindset, stay focused and create self motivational cues