Many people want to get better at specific things, faster. The problem is knowing how blend it with daily class WODs and following the right program.

The Daily Challenge fixes that. By providing 3 paths of extra training that won't interfere with today's class or what's coming up tomorrow, all you have to do is follow our program!

Do 1 or 2 of the extra training parts per day, with intensity and focus (instead of trying to do them all and giving 50% effort) and you'll make your weaknesses become strengths.

Click below to email us and sign up for an All Access Membership below and start adding the daily challenge into your training!

*This is not a coached class and can be done before or after a class. 

If you're ready to get started with the Daily Challenge, but you're not sure what the movements are or if you're doing them correctly, email us to schedule a 30-minute skill session with a coach below!