Macros, Food Quality, and Your Expectations


A farmer plants a corn seed today and waters it. Tomorrow, he goes back and is shocked not to see any corn ready to pick and eat. Did something go wrong? 

What are your expectations? 

"I want and expect to have things change quickly and I want it all; body composition improvements, performance/ability improvements, and improvements in the way I feel" 


"I want some specific changes and expect that they will happen over the course of consistently following the program for a few months"

Most people are going to say #2, I want changes and it's ok if it takes time. 

But let's be honest. The right answer may not be the one that you truly feel. We all want results and we want them now. Are you actually ok with seeing smaller, consistent changes that end up amounting to a big change over time? Are you the farmer that waters the plants, lets them grow and actually produce a bountiful yield?

Or do you need validation quickly? Do you go back to the fields daily expecting there to be fully mature plants ready for the pickin'?

Answer that question and you'll know what your expectations are.

If you want it all and want it fast, eat the cleanest and highest quality foods in the correct amounts for your body. You can't have low quality foods and get fast, high quality results. This is like having your farm in the exact right amount of sun, water and mix of temperature to create the best growing condition for your plants. (We're still in farmers mode right?) 

If you want all of the results and also want to be able to be able to enjoy some of your favorite not so healthy foods, those results could come in smaller chunks over time. But they will come if you're following the right program. With consistency and time you'll have the results you want while eating what you want. The seed you planted will grow into a fruitful plant without the stress of you'd have had if you forgot to water it for a day.

You'll also be happy about your progress. Your actions will match your expectations and you'll be proud.

Following our proven system allows you to eat what you want and get the results you want. It's a phenomenal system for balance. But your actions have to match your expectations. When they are not in line, you could be upset that "it didn't work". When it actually did and you got the results that your actions and choices gave you. 

Expectations can change!
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