You can't change unless you're ready.

I think that's an old adage from the rehab and AA department

(my uncle was in and out for many years and he only went when HE was ready- not when my mom or grandmother tried to force him)

So here's what I learned....I can't help you

If you think that what you're currently doing is working, then that's great.

(if it IS working, then good for you- keep crushing it girl)

But if you take a long look in the mirror and you see that pissed off, overworked, confidence in the tank, unhappy, and deep down kinda sad, woman....then I KNOW it's not working

But the question is do you want to change?

Are you willing to take advice, take step by step rules and follow them?

Or are you the person that takes the advice and rules and just changes them a little?

'Oh I'll just have this brownie, it's okay'

'The plan says work out 4 days a week, I'll just do 2'

'You said to drink 80 ounces of water, I drank 50'

Just follow the plan

But more than that, you have to get accountable to someone else because you and I both know that you WILL let yourself down and be okay with it.

I can't change you and I can't save you, if you don't want to change.

Bottom line.

Are you ready?