The first 6 months of doing CrossFit are amazing.

Every time you walk in the gym you do something you've never done before. 

Without really even trying, your body composition starts to change. 

You look better naked, your clothes fit better and your co-workers, friends, and family ask what you're doing (because they want to understand this small miracle). 

It's an awesome feeling.

(But unfortunately, it doesn't last forever.)

After a while, progress stalls:

  • New skills and PR's don't happen as quickly
  • You're working out hard and your body isn't changing 
  • You might not feel as much energy or as committed as you did when you first started
  • Maybe you're even gaining unwanted weight

The answer seems simple and clear.

Workout more, shun carbs for the next 30 days (because carbs are bad right? Isn't that what someone told you somewhere? Or read online...) and eat only grilled chicken, salads and almonds. That'll get you get back on track.

But that sounds miserable and we both know it. 

So you do nothing. 

If you're somewhere along that path, stuck and without a plan, you can change directions and we can get you back on track. It'll take just three things: 

  • A strong nutrition plan
  • A regular schedule
  • And occasional monitoring of your body composition to make sure everything is working

Until now it's been difficult to measure your body composition accurately and easily to know your current state and monitor over time to see if what you're doing in the kitchen and in the gym is actually working for you or against you. 

Now we have a tool to help. 

It's called the InBody 270, a quick and simple (but extremely accurate) body composition analyzer. 

It will give us the metrics to know where to go and if we're on the right track over time. 

(And before we go any further, know that the purpose of testing isn't to give you more to think about. Rather, it's a necessary step in establishing the right strategies and action steps that will get you the best returns on your body composition and performance for your efforts.)

The InBody measures:

  • Weight
  • Body Fat - % and Pounds
  • BMI
  • Base Metabolic Rate
  • Water Weight
  • Lean Body Mass
  • Skeletal Muscle Mass

And the scan is simple.

You'll stand on the measurement pads, hold the handles and 15 seconds later, the scan is complete. No bathing suits, getting dunked under water or body pinching. 

And we'll have the metrics we need to get you unstuck.

If you're interested (in knowing precisely where you stand today, how successful your current efforts in the gym and kitchen are, and how to make them more successful) sign up for a scan. 

Once you do, we'll get a baseline measurement and breakdown that we'll go over with you in detail, and we'll plan your next steps. Click below to sign up.

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Understand Your Weight

When you measure your weight, what are you actually seeing? Weight alone is a poor indicator of health because it does not distinguish fat from muscle. The InBody divides your weight into water, muscle and fat.

What are the scan results and what do they show?

You'll know exactly how many calories your body burns per day (Basal metabolic rate). You'll be able to figure out exactly how much you need to eat per day to achieve your goals. You'll know if there's a part of your body that is under developed and then be able to target that. You'll know how much is water vs. fat vs. muscle. As your body changes you'll know what's changing to ensure it's not gaining fat, or losing muscle.

How does the scan info help me?

This level of precision and accuracy makes developing a nutrition and health monitoring system easy.

A single scan shows you an unbiased and extremely accurate breakdown of how your body is actually comprised. You'll know your body fat %, BMI and lean body mass, 3 key indicators of health and metabolsim speed.

You'll also find out exactly how many calories you burn on a daily basis (basal metabolic rate). A key number in understanding how much to eat in order to burn, maintain or gain, whatever your goal may be. Without knowing that, your playing a waiting game to see if what your eating is making you gain fat or not.

The real benefit isn't in one scan. It's over sequential scans over time.

Similar to seeing an investment overview to make sure your investments are profiting, over sequential scans you'll know that your hard work is paying off in the right ways.

"I lost weight, that's good right"... what if your lost muscle? You're lowering your metabolsim! You'll only know that from sequential scans. It won't be a guess or biased opinion.

This precise data that can be used to make a nutrition and workout plan to achieve your goals.

Why is losing muscle so bad?

The lean muscle you have on your body is active, consuming calories and energy like a fat burning furnace, through out the day. The less muscle you have (or more you lose) the less you burn throughout the day. The lower your metabolism.

In addition, lean muscle is a key to performance. Run faster and farther. Life heavier. Do pull ups and push ups easily. Lose muscle and you'll see your abilities decrease.

How do I know if I'm losing or building muscle?

The InBody scan will reveal how much of your body is fat, bone, water and lean muscle. Over sequential scans you'll see the variables change.

Without the body scan you'll be left to your own eye and assessment methods; guessing.