Kristin P – Old routine was boring, spiced it up!


I became tired of my old regular routine and wanted to shake things up and try something new. Before I joined CrossFit I was spending about 2 – 2 ½  hours at the gym each day. The time and the effort were both there, the only thing missing were the results. I friend of mine had recommended CrossFit as a possible solve. I had nothing to lose and gave it a shot.. and the rest is history!

I was intimidated at first but I got over that fairly quickly. Everyone was extremely welcoming/accepting which made me feel right at home.

My crowning moment was the day that I finally got double unders. For the longest time I settled for singles and almost gave up on the double. Then one day I decided I wasn’t going to leave the gym until I got them (after failing to do them during the WOD). I can’t describe the happiness I felt when I finally got them down. Shout out to Cassi & Dan — I couldn’t have done it without you both!

I’m currently working on getting a band-free pull-up!