Brittany J - Proud of My Accomplishments

I’ve had wrist pain for as long as I can remember. I was told that it was tendonitis for the longest time. After my sophomore lacrosse season in college I was unable to use my wrist. It would give out when I was holding a cup of water. I was heartbroken when I was unable to play my junior year. I got surgery the summer before my senior year to repair torn cartilage and ligaments in my wrist. I had to quit lacrosse. That surgery was unsuccessful and led to another surgery this past August (2014) where they had to cut a bone in my arm down. With the help of the awesome coaches at CFCL I’ve been able to push myself again and I’ve started to get strength back in my arm! To say that I’m excited is an understatement.

I was really missing working out in a group setting. I also needed some direction after my arm surgery. I didn’t know where to start and had a few friends tell me that I would love CrossFit so I decided to try it out! Everyone who hasn’t tried CrossFit thinks that it’s a cult. After being apart of the CFCL community for over six months I’ve realized that it’s not a cult at all.

My first PR was my front squat. I was able to lift way more than I expected and it made me want to push myself even more. And I’m currently working on pull ups and double unders!

It’s just crazy to think back on when I was doing one armed burpees and kettlebell swings. I love looking back to when I started CrossFit in November (2014) and seeing how far I’ve come.