Still Deciding?

If you want to see what it’s all about, start with a free No Sweat intro.
Come see the gym, talk with one of our coaches, see if it’s for you and set a plan around your goals.

Ready to start CrossFit?

If you’re ready to start training and getting results, the next step for new members is our OnRamp program. Click below for info.


What You Need to Know

We Respect You

No one is a pro when they start. You won’t be left behind or outcast. This is an inclusive and welcoming community.

What does it take?

To get great results and fall in love with our training program (like so many others have), it takes desire and coachability. We’ll tell you what to do and how to do it, and even what to eat. It’s as simple as following our instructions. If you can listen and follow instructions, you’ll do great.

What else?

We do way more than just group classes. If you want to lose weight or have a specific goal, we have a program to help you achieve it.

Other Programs

Nutrition and Weight Loss

Get your nutrition in check to look great and feel amazing.
We offer one-on-one nutrition coaching to develop a plan that will get you results (that last) and works for your lifestyle.


Personal Training

Personal training is all about you. You've got goals, and a desire. We've got the program and tools. Lead by caring, friendly and highly trained trainers, your training program will fit your needs and abilities while ensuring that you constantly improve. 

Vitality (55+)

In Vitality, we work on increasing functional fitness, strength, balance, flexibility, coordination and cardiovascular health.You'll feel strong, in control of your body and confident in your life abilities.


Barbell Bettys (Womens Only)

Barbell Betty’s is a weightlifting class designed for WOMEN by WOMEN. Betties who participate in this program will improve their strength, develop toned, lean muscle, and build confidence that they can use both in and out of the gym.

Mindset and Mentality Coaching

Only with great mindset will you maximize your potential.
Do you have trouble sticking with a program, feeling the need to jump from one thing to the other constantly? Do you self-sabotage your efforts? Mindset coaching is a judgement free, amazing program to become happier and live a more fulfilled life.