With the All Access Membership,  you can come to CFCL any time we are open (including class times) to workout. Do cardio, lift, make up a workout, when we're open, you can come in to workout. 

The CFCL staff will be in the gym but have other responsibilities to attend to during the day. They will not be able to coach. Please respect their time.

Be safe. Please do not do anything such as: Attempting 1 Rep Maxes, or things you have never done before without spotters. If you need someone to spot, ask a coach but please know they may be too busy or unable to which means you may not attempt that movement at that time.

All of our coaches have the right to stop you from doing anything they feel is unsafe.

Classes and personal training clients get first pick of equipment and space. If there is a class going on, please use the areas of the gym that are not having class.

Please pick up after yourself. Equipment should be wiped down and everything be put away where you found it and not left out for the coaches to clean up after you.

Open Gym Training is limited to those who have the All Access membership.
*All Access membership required for The Daily Challenge