What is it?
An extra workout to be done after the daily WOD. Each day is different but a mixture of endurance, lifting and strength, skills and typical CrossFit workouts. 

When will the extra programming be?
Five days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and Saturday) there will be additional programming, the Open Gym Accessory.

How much extra work is it?
Expect to spend 10-25 minutes depending on the day. Some skill practice will be able to be done more quickly where additional lifting may take more time.

What does it cost?
The Open Gym Accessory is $20/month added to any membership. You can add or remove the Open Gym Accessory as desired.

Who can do the extra work?
Anyone can. Use your goals as a guide. If you’re interested, but not sure if you should send us an email and we’ll help you decide if you should.

When should you do the Open Gym Accessory?
Most often, after class unless noted otherwise. However, it could be before class if your schedule doesn’t allow 10-20 minutes after class.

Do you have to do the accessory every day it is listed?
No but with that said if you want to take your abilities to the next level, follow the program. There will be days that the accessory is to do a lot extra (25 minutes) and days where it will be little extra (5-10 minutes). Please do not pick and choose based on what “looks good”. Bring your “A Game” to the class workout. Giving half effort in class and half effort in an accessory won’t get you anywhere worth going. More is not better or impressive. Better is better. Intensity is better and impressive.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday is when an accessory will be programmed.

Will there be choices of different Accessories each day?
Over the course of a week different areas will be targeted such as weightlifting/speed/power, skills/gymnastics, and cardio/endurance. On the Accessory days, there will be one accessory for the day. On some days it will be a singular accessory for a targeted area, such as only a lift, only gymnastics training or endurance. At times it will be a blend of the different areas, such as endurance and a lift, gymnastics and lift etc.  Over the course of the week all areas will have had extra work completed.

Will I be coached during the time I do the accessories?
The Open Gym Accessory program is an open gym program. Coaches will be coaching class and watching to make sure nothing is unsafe and supervising however it is not coached programming.