CrossFit Group Class

Functional fitness group classes for all fitness levels.  Our group classes are always fun and rewarding!



Personal training

1-on-1, 2-on-1, or small group training sessions with a trainer dedicated to you. A customized program for your specific goals at times that work for your schedule. 


Nutrition programs

Lose weight, burn fat, and get toned! We will show you the best and most efficient way to make this happen and help you stay on track so you stick to your plan. You don't even have to give up your favorite foods!


All-Day Gym Access

All-day gym access during our operating hours. Come in and use the gym to do your own workouts, cardio, weightlifting, or whatever you would like! 


Special Programs   

You do not need to be a group class member to take advantage of our specialty programs! These programs run frequently throughout the year and can also be done in 1-on-1 sessions.


Kids and Customized programs

More then ever, it's important that our kids understand, establish, and sustain healthy habits. We also know that if something is fun, kids are way more likely to do it!  We offer age-appropriate, fun, and empowering programs for kids and teenagers (ages 7 to 13).