Selecting a gym that is close to the place that you work, live or pass by on route to either is important, it allows you to be consistent. The proximity to where you will make creating good habits, such as consistent visits to the gym, much easier and more likely to be long lasting habits rather than temporary short-term ones. To find a gym close to you, click here to view the CrossFit affiliate finder. 

The coaches and staff at a gym are extremely important. They are your guides that help you pursue the road to success and continue on it. Good coaches will make you not want to leave the gym once your workout is over. You'll start to view working out as one of the best parts of you day and as something you look forward to. You won't "have to",  you'll want and get to. When choosing a CrossFit gym look at their coaches bios. What level coach are they? In CrossFit there are 4 levels. Level 1 an 2 are weekend seminars with a sit in test. Level 3 and 4 involve more comprehensive testing.
See our coaches here.

Getting Started
Ask the gym how they teach someone who has never done CrossFit before what to do. This can provide some insight into how they would help you join their gym or classes. 
Do they have a program that allows people to do CrossFit while safely learning form? Ours is called Rolling Start. Learn about it here.

What programs does the gym offer? Group classes for a fun environment? Personal training if you don't like the group idea or want a program just for you? Nutrition programs to help you know what and how much to eat to burn fat or gain muscle?  What about women's only programs? Running programs? Weightlifting programs? If there's only one option, is it the one you like? If there are dozes of options, what's the quality going to be like?

This is the most important one, but the hardest to find out about. Community at the gym involves more then just the people there. It's a word that wraps up the overall feeling of the gym. 
What are people like there? Are they like you? Are they welcoming, friendly, fun to be with and inspiring? 
The best way to get a feel for the community before going to he gym is to look at the website and social media pages.

Here's our Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Look for pictures of their members. Are they smiling? Does it look fun? Is it bright and somewhere you'd like to spend time?

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