Programming, what’s happening?

- Coach Mat, 3/29/18

The goal of group class programming has always been to improve fitness; work capacity across broad time and modal domains. More simply, our ability to do most any physical task (or workout) regardless of what the endeavor is or how long it takes. Fit people can run short and long distance, fast and slow; lift heavy or light objects just a single time or for many; they have balance, flexibility, coordination, accuracy, agility, stamina, speed, power, endurance and strength.

Improving fitness means improving all of those areas. We do that through constantly varied, functional movements done at high intensity, our daily workout program, CrossFit.

Daily programming will continue to push the margins of our experience and fitness further by staying true to the CrossFit methodology. The founder of CrossFit, Greg Glassman put it more elegantly than I could, “Live your life in couplets and triplets. Go heavy at least once a week, every now and then go long.”

This is the model for improved fitness and is the basis of group class programming. And this is the model we have followed in programming.

There will be days with times for skill practice, development and goal work. There will be days with lifts before metcons (conditioning), metcons before lifts, and days with solely weightlifting or solely metcons. We'll also include more frequent benchmark workouts to gauge the direction of fitness improvement. 

The way to reap the biggest reward; train consistently and with full effort. Master the basics and practice them often. Have fun every day and eat foods that will support your goals.

It seems too simple. More must be better. More workouts. More training. More lifting. More running.

Fitness isn’t complicated. It’s doing the basics well, over and over again.

CrossFit gained popularity because of the results people were getting from following the program which started at a small gym in Santa Cruz California. Workouts were published to a website, , where people anywhere in the world could do the workout of the day. It was always 1 workout. And athletes were always asked to give their best effort, eat well and have fun. That’s what we’re asking of you.

If you’re wanting more specific gains in one area, want to work on a weakness more often or just like to do one thing more than another, we’ve got you covered! The Daily Challenge is additional/supplemental programming that has a weightlifting focus, gymnastics focus and cardio/endurance focus. If you feel like you need more work in one of those areas talk to a coach about how to utilize that programming. We also have specialty programs (more coming soon!) that allow you to focus on one area like weightlifting, oly lifting, gymnastics and flexibility. We’ll be sending more details about those programs in the near future!