CrossFit Group Classes

Community based functional fitness group classes for all fitness levels. 
Our group classes are always fun and rewarding.


All Day Gym Access

Weekdays we're open from 5 AM - 8 PM (Fridays, 7 PM). Come in and use the gym at any point we're open, even during regularly scheduled class times to do your own workouts, cardio, weightlifting or whatever you'd like! 


Special Programs - Barbell Betty's, Couch to 5k, Kids and Teens, Olympic Lifting

You don't have to be a group class member to take advantage of our specialty programs. These programs run frequently throughout the year and can also be done 1-on-1.


Personal Training

1-on-1, 2-on-1 and small group training with a trainer dedicated to you. A custom program that's meant to go at a pace your comfortable with, at times that work for your schedule. 


Nutrition, Weight Management & Body Composition

How much should you eat? What should you eat and when? You don't have to give up your favorite foods, we'll help you develop control, balance and hit your goals.


Custom Individualized Programs

If somethings fun, kids are way more likely to do it. And now more then ever it's important that our kids learn and engrain healthy habits. Age appropriate, fun and empowering programs for Kids and teenagers (7-13).