Our Beginners Program is where to begin if you've never done CrossFit before or need to get in shape before you join classes. 

You’ll work out with an experienced coach to improve your strength, cardio, and flexibility who will also teach you the basics and fundamentals.

After finishing the Beginners Program, your coach will talk with you about what you'd like to do next: regularly scheduled group classes, personal training, or your own custom program.

We offer two paths to go through the Beginners Program program. Read below to see which is right for you!

The Small GROUP

  • 3 workouts per week for 2 weeks: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7-8 PM
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Detailed instruction on form and technique
  • Goal setting and guidance
  • The ability and confidence to join our regular CrossFit classes upon completion

Who: Max of 6 people
When: Starting the 1st Monday of each month (unless noted otherwise)
Cost: $149 (total of 6 classes)

*If you are unable to attend the scheduled times, scroll down. Personal Training Rolling Start Classes allow you to schedule at any time!
**Completion of all 6 classes is mandatory for being cleared to attend group classes.


If group Rolling Start times don't work for your schedule, or you'd like a more personalized approach to allow for more individualized sessions, this is how to get started. Private or Semiprivate sessions allow you to have the convenience of working out at times that fit your schedule. Go through the Rolling Start Private or Semiprivate Program in 4 classes. You will cover the same information as the Group Rolling Start. After completing the Rolling Start Private or Semiprivate Program, your coach will advise you on how to move forward with group classes.

1 ON 1  
Cost: $54.80 per session

2 ON 1
Cost: $44.80 per session per person
* You must already have one other interested participant to start this cycle

3 ON 1
Cost: $39.80 per session per person
* You must already have two other interested participants to start this cycle

Beginners Program Cancellation Policy
Cancellation of the Beginners Program course within 7 days of the course start will be assessed a $75 cancellation fee.

If you cancel your Beginners Program course within 48 hours from the course start, your payment is nonrefundable.

If a Beginners Program class is cancelled for holidays or weather-related issues, that class will be made up only if the coach deems necessary.