our beginners program Today!

Start now! Our beginners program is the first step to joining the group classes. We'll do 3 workouts per week and you'll have accountability and  personalized attention. 

No experience needed! 



If you've been doing CrossFit for more then 3 months and want to check us out, you can drop in to any class on our schedule.
Click the button above to select the class you'd like to drop in for!


Try a CrossFit class for Free!

New to CrossFit and ready to try it? Come to one of our free trial classes on Saturdays at 11 AM. Trials are similar to our regular group classes so you'll get to see what a typical day is like. 
All ability levels welcome! Space is limited!

Not sure where to start? 

Want to start working out but not sure if CrossFit is right for you or want to ask questions without a workout? 
The best thing to do is to come in and talk. We do this with lots of people. Come meet us, ask questions and we'll help you decide where to start.