CFCL Day 365

After the last snow storm I went outside, grabbed a shovel and began to clear the end of the driveway where the city plow had created quite a mound. And then it hit me. For the first time in years I didn’t hear the familiar sound that I always hear when I start to shovel. My wonderful wife of 33 years didn’t open the door and tell me to stop. She didn’t tell me that she was worried about me over- exerting myself and having a heart attack. She didn’t even say – go slowly. In fact, all she said when I finished was – “After a year of Cross Fit, I wasn’t worried. Thanks for shoveling!”

So CFCL Community – it‘s been a year since I started. A year ago here’s where I was – a 55 year–old, very out-of-shape guy coming off of hernia surgery. In the 10 years prior I had torn both Achilles tendons and broken 16 bones in my face in a freak ice-skating accident. During that 10 years I would run very occasionally (1-2 miles) and be exhausted, swim a little and be exhausted, skate some (even after the accident) and be exhausted, and shovel snow – with my wife always being concerned. And that was basically it.

January 14, 2013 changed my life. I walked into CFCL (the old box) and gave myself an amazing gift. I will admit that I considered quitting on several occasions, but my close friend Mike (with whom I started) and the CFCL community convinced me that I was here to stay. From 12” box jumps to 30” box jumps; from jumping pull-ups to unassisted pull-ups (still only a few); from pvc deadlifts to a new PR last week (255#); from a body weight of 195 out-of-shape pounds to 175 much-more-in-shape pounds; from eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, to figuring out that Paleo works, makes me feel great and is sustainable; and from not believing I could conquer physical challenges at my age, to knowing that I can do anything I want to, including the recent Spartan Sprint at Fenway Park…it’s only the beginning, but it’s been an amazing ride.

Mat and Jenna, and every CFCL coach, and every CFCL member – thanks for creating an environment where each person feels like they receive one-on-one coaching, where each person feels energized by the community, and where each of us can achieve results we never imagined. It’s been a great year. And by the way, I just hired a plow service!