The Barbell Bros program is a weightlifting program for guys who want to increase strength, nail down technique and get more time under the bar. This is a structured, specific, strength based class.

Aside from just increasing overall strength, weightlifting promotes the addition of lean muscle mass (and the more lean muscle you have, with the right nutrition, the easier it is to burn fat). Lifting weights also has been shown to increase bone density and raise metabolic rates. Another bonus, you’ll be stronger when it comes time to hit a CrossFit Group Class workout.

This is a weightlifting program not a flex in the mirror program, even though a good flex should happen weekly, right? We’re going to work hard. We’ll follow a program. We’ll make progress and we’ll get stronger.

The Barbell Bros weightlifting program is a 6 week program that meets 2x/week. This program runs quarterly. 

* You do not have to be CrossFit City Line member to join! 

PRICE: City Line Members $79, Non-Members $119.