Barbell Betties is a weightlifting class designed for women, by women.

Typical Gym Scenario: It’s intimidating. No one makes sure your form is right. There’s no support or motivation. Results…we all want them but can’t seem to get them!

Our Barbell Betty’s Program: Supportive, welcoming and friendly women. Constant instruction on form and lots of motivation. Results you’re so excited about and proud of.

Barbell Betty’s is a weightlifting class designed for WOMEN by WOMEN
. Betties who participate in this program will improve their strength, develop toned, lean muscle, and build confidence that they can use both in and out of the gym. The class is lead by Coach Cassi in a fun, supportive environment for STRONG women!

Barbell Betties is a 5-week program that runs every quarter.
BONUS: 1 Weekly At Home Workout! (No equipment needed)

PRICE: City Line Members $129, NonMember $169

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If you can’t come to our gym, we can come to yours! Get our Barbell Betties online program!
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"I did the Barbell Betties program and my favorite part was working out with the other ladies! Everyone was positive and not only pushed themselves but each other. I liked being able to see improvements week after week."
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