Box Step Ups

Experience Levels
Box Step Ups are more basic (not any less difficult or beneficial). Refer to difficulty and equipment. 

Difficulty and Equipment
This is not an absolute scale, but in terms of progressing in ability here's how you should be progressing:

  1. Unweighted, potentially holding onto something for balance. (Novice)
  2. Holding 1 single dumbbell/kettlebell in the goblet position (Novice/Intermediate) 
  3. Holding 1 single dumbbell/kettlebell in the suitcase position (at your side with straight arms) (Novice/Intermediate/Well Practiced)
  4. Holding 2 single dumbbells/kettlebells in the suitcase position (Intermediate/Well Practiced)
  5. Barbell in the back rack or front rack positions (Well Practiced)

Difficulty level will progress by adding weight. 

This can be done with a barbell or dumbbells/kettlebells. Depending on what is written on the site, use what is written.