We are passionate, humble, respectful, and grateful coaches that act with integrity. 
We're looking for the same type of people to join our growing team.
Our coaches are the leaders and gatekeepers of our community and are charged with delivering personal service, and superior coaching in a community that empowers a desire for excellence and virtuosity in fitness and life. 


Position: Group Class Coach
Hours: Part Time, 4-12 Hours Available

Pay structure is favorable and  based on experience level and accreditations. 
Level 1 Coach - $25/class
Level 2 Coach - $30/class
Level 3 Coach - $35/class
Level 4 Coach - $40/class

*Additional experience may increase class rate. 
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Every Thursday at 11 AM our coaches are lead through development by CrossFit HQ Staff Members Mat Frankel and Joe Masely

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To inquire, email us Careers@CrossFitCityLine.com


To inquire about any position and schedule an in-person interview, please email Mat@CrossFitCityLine.com. Include any documents you would like us to review.