Literally, the best yoga class I have ever taken.

Before starting the session I was really sore from the workouts during the week (especially after Bulgarian split squats!).

I was a little nervous. In some prior yoga classes I’d taken, I left feeling more sore then when I started instead of feeling more flexible and relaxed like I had hoped.

We started the session at a slower pace that allowed me to really feel like I was stretching and recovering. It calmed my nerves immediately.

Anushka knew just how much to encourage me to continue into poses and increase the difficulty to a level where I wasn’t going to leave feeling like I needed a day off the next day.

The session wasn’t easy, she definitely made me work and I was sweating! She even had a great playlist that got more intense at the times the session got more difficult and then got lighter and more relaxing when the session was targeting that area. The music made a huge difference in my focus.

I left feeling so relaxed and mobile. The next day, I felt GREAT and was ready to get back to the class WODs.
— Coach Mat