We have an awesome machine that scans the body and prints out a reading of multiple body composition measures. I was reviewing a scan with someone recently and talking about what their goals were.

They wanted to get stronger, gain muscle and be able to use heavier weights in workouts.  They felt like they hadn’t unlocked their potential, were being held back and wanted to feel strong.

It was a great, empowering goal. And I told them so. Then I asked what they eat yesterday. I got a very typical answer, "let me think, breakfast was, um..." So I went a different route. What did you do for the workout yesterday? 

"I used 95 pounds. Did sets of 5. Broke the wall ball sets up into 10's and used a 14 pound ball."  Super accurate and specific! It was great to hear and with the lack of specificity on the nutrition side it was clear to see why they weren't getting the results they wanted!

Without knowing that you’re nutrition is in line with your goals, no matter what workout you do, you won’t get the results you want.

You can workout hard. For a long time. And not get the results you want.  You provably know some people who always go to the gym and never make the progress they want, are on and off  of different “diets” and constantly trying the next new thing.

What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?

Choose nutrition first.

The stories of the most successful all revolve around one main thing, the person made nutritional changes.

Whether they wanted to gain muscle, lose body fat, improve their cholesterol numbers, whatever it is, they chose nutrition first.

I know you don’t want to work hard day after day and not have any result. That sucks and it seems like there's no point! 

That’s what happens when you only choose the workouts.

If the world of nutrition seems like a whole other plant and you don’t even know where to start exploring, you can now relax. Take a deep breath. You don’t have to explore the entire planet. Just one small area.

But we know the world of nutrition isn’t always sunny and beautiful. That’s where we come in to help navigate.

We know how to help people burn fat, build muscle and get healthy. We can help you too.

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