Clean & Snatch Pulls

In a clean and snatch pull you'll do everything involved in a clean and snatch without actually receiving the barbell.

You'll deadlift (pull #1), come to full extension (pull #2) and then drop or reset the barbell back to the floor. 

The main purpose of the lift is to ensure proper positions of the initial lift off of the floor and then accelerate with aggressive hip extension without having the actually move the bar onto your shoulders or overhead. 

In the video you see the athletes going onto their toes. It is not their main focus of the lift, nor is it intentional. They are extremely powerful through their hips and explosively extending their hips all the way which brings them onto their toes. 

In the clean and snatch pull focus on your form of the initial lift off of the floor, getting to the right hang positions, and accelerating with violent hip extension.