For many former athletes they've found their competitive self again in the sport of CrossFit. And for many others, they have found the competitive side to be fun, rewarding and exciting. And as the sport of CrossFit continues to grow, the individuals in our competition program are growing with it.

The sport of CrossFit demands the athlete has a wide skill set. And developing the necessary skills and abilities is a journey that is different for everyone.

Who can do the competition program?
Anyone can. It is created for those who are interested in competing in higher level competitions and would want to compete in the "CrossFit Season." If you like the idea of competing, it could be for you.

How do I get started doing the program?
We recommend doing CrossFit for at least 6 months first. Do CrossFit first in the group classes to get the needed coaching and direction, to make sure your moment form and technique is safe and proper. And so that you know all the movements. The next step is to regularly do the Open Gym Accessory Program. Then contact us to talk with a coach about doing your first competition. After the competition if you love it, we'll help set the best way move forward. You don't need to be able to do everything (can't do a Muscle Up, that's ok but it should be a point of yours to train it and become able to do it.)

Consider this list of movements as ones that we suggest you should be able to do and working towards. 

When do people who follow the competition programming workout?
A weekly Competition is on Fridays at 7 PM. On other days of the week, we advise that those following the competition programming do the metcon with the class. Push each other and be part of the community. For the additional lifting, skills and work for the day, do that before the class metcon while the class is learning skills, or after the class.

What happens during a competition class?
The weekly competition "class" is only for those in the competition program to get together and train. Higher level skill development, metcons, benchmarks and lift tests are regular occurrences. Talk strategy, new techniques, mobility and skills. Train hard, play hard and have fun. 

This program involves more workload and daily/weekly time in the gym. And while more training with friends can be a blast, balancing training, recovery and lifestyle is important to creating your success. 
Intersted in competing? Tell us! Send us an email by clicking below and we'll help you get going!