It’s time to get outside!

After the record breaking winter, this spring is more than just a calendar change: it’s a mood changer; a release. We can finally go outside without all the layers and simply just enjoy the fresh air and sunshine!

Right now, at this moment of inspiration, it is the best time to start fitness journey. Achieve something you have always wanted, (Run a 5k!), or get better at something you’ve done before by surrounding your self with others to help keep the motivation and drive for success high (Run the 5k faster!).

Our Couch to 5K program gives you that extra little “push” you’ve been looking for to start running, learn how to run safely and enjoy it!

Our coaches provide two things: inspiration (through example and accountability) and education (we teach something new at every class.) Our Couch to 5k running group delivers both.

We’ve found a great race, the Esplanade 5k Dash. It’s a beautiful, flat and beginner friendly course that takes runners along the Charles River, passing by the Esplanade landmarks with views of Boston. This running group program will help you prep and prepare for this 5k, gain a love for running, and take on any 5ks in the future!

With a bit of prep you’ll enjoy a 5k as much as we do.

Our Couch to 5k group is coached: you’ll learn safe running technique; exercises to do that build your “cardio” without just packing on more miles; improve your recovery and get more flexible; and learn how to track your progress.

We’ll also include a free Nutrition Tracking Log with nutrition recommendations with our coached running program. If you’re running to lose weight, you'll love this.

It’s more than just a “show up and run with people” program. Like all of our programs, you’ll be coached, taught, and motivated throughout.

Start Date: Thursday April 23rd
End Date: Sunday May 30 (6 weeks)
End Date Race: Esplanade 5k Dash:, May 30th @ 10:30 am
Time: Coached group times will meet Thursdays from 6-7 pm, starting April 23rd
Cost: $79 for 6 weeks


  • 6 Full hours of coaching on safe and efficient running technique
  • 3 weekly homework workouts
  • Nutrition tracking log
  • 6 FREE Sunday morning CrossFit group classes!

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