Wednesday 112316

9am class eating squats for breakfast

9am class eating squats for breakfast

Thanksgiving Eve: Last Class is 5 PM - No 6 or 7 PM

Thanksgiving Day: 1 Class 8 AM - Join us for our Thanksgiving tradition of doing "Murph"! One awesome big group class that will kick off at 8 AM. 

Black Friday: 2 Classes 8:30 and 9:30 AM Classes and Open Gym until 12:00! Today, everyone can use Open Gym! If you don't have the membership add on, that's ok. Today's on us! 

0-4 Mnutes
5 Deadlifts (90% of your 5 rep max from 2 weeks ago, or quite heavy!)
400 M Run
Max Kettlebell Swings in remainng time (53/35)

Min 6-10
200 M Run
AMRAP Dumbbell Snatches (100/75)

Min 12-16
400 M Run
Max Burpee Box Jumps (24"/20")

Min 18-20
Max Pistols