Thursday 072116

Paige. Julia. Geoff. Power Cleans.

Paige. Julia. Geoff. Power Cleans.

We're pumped for our next Ladies night! A ladies only workout and a glass or 2 of your favorite bev. after! Bring your friends! This workout is open for you to bring your friends for free! To help us get an estimated amount of wine, please RSVP (even if it's a maybe right now, still click below!) by clicking below

Warm Up
Push Ups + Sit Ups
5-12 Reps

For Time
12 Push Jerks (185/125)
36 Calorie Row
9 Push Jerks
27 Calorie Row
6 Push Jerks
18 Calorie Row

Rest 5 Minutes

Groups of 3
1 person bikes 10 calories as fast as possible.
The other 2 rest.
Complete 5 sets each person.