Why don't we do a lift and metcon every day?

- By Coach Mat
The simple answer is that it training that way doesn't maximize your fitness. 

We are biased and committed to improving your fitness; your ability to perform most any task, in any combination, regardless of what the tasks are or how long they "should" take. 

If you're fit, there are certainly still physical tasks that challenge you, but you're much more able to accomplish or at least handle most any of the tasks no matter what they are. From lifting the couch to get the remote to running a 5k with a friend on a whim. 
The reality is, that at any point you may need to be fast and strong at the same time.

Training to support that need also happens to be a very efficient and effective way to increase standard health markers and improve body composition. 

Fitness is not just strength and cardio. The fitness "ingredients" are:
Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Strength, Power, Accuracy, Agility, Coordination, and Balance. 

In an effort to improve ALL of those areas, we have days where we just do a metcon or just lift heavy and days where heavy lifts become portions of workouts for example last Friday. 

However if every day was a lift then metcon, we would be doing the same training that many of us have done before, before CrossFit. Weights then cardio. 

CrossFit has become the program it is, with the results that are known to come from it, by chasing fitness. Not by chasing strength then cardio. It's the BLEND of workouts, metcons, lifts and heavy days throughout the week that drive results. 


SO, how much strength do we need to do?

As much as we can until it takes away from our ability to run, jump, row or move your body quickly and/or continuously. 

How much endurance do we need to do?

As much as we can until it takes away from our ability to lift light, moderate and heavy weights for many or few repetitions. 

Where the rubber meets the road, how to know if we're getting enough of each, is when we test them. 

JSP-6831-X3 (1).jpg

In the past few weeks we tested strength (CrossFit Total), we've tested endurance (mile run and longer metcons) and we've seen the results. 

Increases in many peoples strength with PR deadlifts, squats and presses; faster mile times and metcons. These are great results! 
But we have noticed a slight imbalance in our past programming.

In an effort to regain a more balanced fitness and have continued results, you'll notice some days with strength and metcon portions. Not every day, but enough to create balance while not taking away other abilities. 

If you want more strength or metcon or gymnastics work, check out the Daily Challenge and talk to one of the coaches about starting to add in any specific training. We'll help you figure out a good starting plan.
If you have a specific goal in mind, talk to us and tell us what you want to accomplish and we can help create a plan.