Member Spotlight - Maureen S.


We're so proud of Maureen who has been crushing it over the past month!
She started at CFCL over a year ago and become a great member of the CFCL community. She was part of the Intramural Opens right when she started, and has continued to gain strength and skills like a 220 lb deadlift! 
She has a great mindset of chasing performance. When she started, she focused on learning correct mechanics and has been able to build her abilities continuously. Here's a little more info about Maureen! 

Most Frequent Class time:

What was your fitness background before you started at CFCL?
Typical cardio junkie - running, bootcamp type classes & spinning

What has been your biggest accomplishment since starting and what are you working on now? 
I actually lift weights and lift them over my head! But probably getting Toes To Bar for the first time & hitting 220 for DL 1RM. My focus now is my gymnastic skills - pull-ups - I'm coming for you!

Any advice for people who are just getting started with CrossFit or may be too afraid to start?
My biggest fear was walking through the door the first time & asking questions. But once you do you find it gets easier and easier so keep coming back & ask those questions! The coaches want to help you succeed! 

If you had a music genre, song or artist playing in your head at all times what/who would it be?
Showing my age....but I'm a 90's girl - so likely Green Day or red hot chili peppers - maybe some Nirvana. 

What's on your DVR/ current favorite TV series?  
Game of thrones & the walking dead

Favorite phone app?

Top 3 Instagram Accounts you follow:
Cfcityline (I mean of course!), thecoastaltable, robbinmangano