Welcome Coach Lucien!

IMG_3597 copy.jpg

We're so excited to officially welcome Coach Lucien to the CFCL team! 

Lucien has been involved with CrossFit at the competitive and coaching level since 2014 while at and after graduating from The University of Central Florida. 

After graduating he went to St. Kitts island and has spent the last 2 years leading a program teaching locals how to farm and helping them sell their produce to hotels, farm to table.

While there he also started a group bootcamp program getting islanders with all fitness levels involved in working out and getting active. He started with 5 people and it grew to 50+! He had to be creative with workouts and use whatever he had for equipment (bags of seed and soil for lifts!) 

He'll be here coaching Monday and Wednesday morning, 5:30 and 6:30 and comes to workout in the afternoon and spends his mid days at the Harvard Kennedy School where he's enrolled. 

We're psyched to welcome him!