Member Spotlight - Luke C.


Luke moved from California to Boston and jumped into the CFCL community head first. He immediately signed up to be on a team for our annual members only throwdown and during that it was clear he had some fitness experience. Being a former collegiate rower, he showed some skills rowing 21 calories in under 40 seconds! 
He has a great attitude toward training, trying to get really good at the basics and important little things while working on his weaknesses.
Here's a little more about Luke! 

Name: Luke Cassereau

What was your fitness background before you started at CFCL and how did you get started with us here?
I rowed through high school and college but after finishing undergrad I was just a normal gym goer during grad school. As I was finishing grad school I realized I missed the competitive aspect of sports and was just going through the motions. Looking for something new I started Crossfit a year ago in San Francisco. I recently relocated to Boston for work and found CFCL which was a perfect fit for me.

What's the best part of training with the night class crew? 
Training after work is a great way to unwind for me.

Favorite workout?
Karen (150 Wall Balls for time!)

What had been your biggest accomplishment since starting and what are you working on now
Recently I have been able to do strict HSPU's Rx in a workout which has been great to finally achieve. As to what I am working on, definitely gymnastics and weightlifting but also endurance, pretty much everything it feels like haha.

You rowed in college, what was your best 2k time? Any advice for people who want to get better at rowing? Fastest 2k time?
My most recent 2k test at my old gym I was able to do 6:31. In terms of advice I would say its all about leg drive and tempo/rhythm, your recovery between strokes should be slower than your pull and your pull should accelerate as you move from the front of the stroke to the back.

Favorite phone app?
YouTubeTV I just added but is definitely my favorite right now as an alternative to cable TV

Favorite food? 

Top 3 favorite movies? 
Terminator 2
Top Gun

Spirit animal and why? 
Golden Bear, my alma mater's mascot. I will always bleed blue and gold.