Welcome Coach Eddie!

Got 'em! 

Got 'em! 

We're excited to welcome Coach Eddie as the newest member of the CFCL Team!

He's been coaching for the last 2 years (Coach Mat taught his Level 1 seminar!) and has been working with Coach Mat and Cassi over the last 2 months on developing his skills and abilities. As we continue to work with him he'll be coaching and assisting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursday nights. 

We're psyched he's here and know you'll love being coached by him too! 

Here's a little more about him! 

Papa Bear

Papa Bear

Why do you love coaching?
I love coaching because it allows me the opportunity to give back, in a sense. I love being able to help people achieve their first toes to bar, pr their Fran time, and that snatch pr. I love feeling like I'm of service. I guess I love caring and helping other people. combined with fitness, which has been a part of my life from an early age, I can think of very few scenarios that allow my passions to kind of flow in a better way.

What do you do outside of CrossFit?
Outside of CrossFit I enjoy checking out local restaurants and checking out the latest trends in both food and drinks. I have friends that work all across the city, and I use that to my advantage (=)). I'm super into my dog, so this of course comes after she's gotten enough attention.

What is your favorite movement?
My favorite movement is the snatch. I like olympic weightlifting, and the snatch requires so much of you mentally, physically, on such a consistent basis...it's unforgiving. You either make it or not.

What's your favorite thing to coach?
If there is one move I like to coach, it's the clean. So many moving parts, yet simple. It's such a rewarding lift when executed properly. 

What's your most recent/favorite "cheat" food?
Pizza. I love tacos, but those are in my diet so much it's not cheating. Pizza is king. Or queen..I love her.

Guilty pleasure TV show or movie...GO! 
I don't really get to watch tv. BUT I have found myself checking to see when Power is coming back, and I also cruised through Rick and Morty once I found out about it. 

What are your fitness goals?
I'm working to get back down to competition weight. I feel my best when i'm around 215/220. CrossFit is much more enjoyable there. It allows for more consistent training, and I just need that. it's a part of my happiness.
Outside of the gym, I can only hope to continue to grow into someone I can be proud of. I want to continue doing the things that make me happy and not look outside for external sources of happiness. I've spent way too much time using everybody else's measuring stick for my life, and that was lame. I want more stamps in my passport, and visit 100 boxes over the course of my life. I've got around 40 at the moment.